The Importance of Quality Customer Service

Quality Customer ServiceAll businesses must be equipped with the best kind of customer service. When the customer’s needs and inquiries are met, it increases customer satisfaction which leads to potential word of mouth promotion of customers themselves and a roster of loyal customers. Quality customer service is crucial for the long-term success of a business, but it’s just one of the many aspects that a business should pay attention to. The type of experience a customer will have depends on his or her satisfaction before, during and after purchasing the product or service.

Hotline versus Live Chat for Business

BusinessBesides from having a webpage and email, a business should have both a legal business hotline and an effective live chat customer service. This would cater to all kinds of customer concerns. Customers can choose calling the customer care hotline if they have immediate concerns. A few examples are booking and cancelling tickets, credit card inquiries and complaints and technical support. Compared to a live chat, once the customer is connected to the other line, the customer service representative has to deliver quick responses with very minimal pauses. An active hotline also caters to the older generation. Additionally, hotlines are especially useful for people who do not have a stable internet connection. One disadvantage of calling a hotline however, is the waiting time when the line gets congested with callers.

Having a live chat for business is equally important as having an active hotline. Live chat is relatively new that’s why some customers still doubt its efficacy in addressing their problems. Unlike hotlines, live chat for business offers connection to customers anywhere in the world with practically no cost on the customer’s expense. Customers can feel more at ease addressing questions, complaints and problems through live chats. Because live chat is readily available in a website, customers do not have to reach for their phones or scramble through social media to connect with the business.

servicesLive chat functionality can also guide customers in their shopping experience, for example. If they have further questions on a product’s ingredients or if they have concerns not mentioned in the description page, they could easily connect to via live chat. This way, a business builds a better rapport with customers; live chat lets the customers feel that their concerns our important. The average order value for each customer has the potential to increase because they are being guided on what to buy. Furthermore, live chat for business leaves the customer with more leisure time to think about their concerns.

ChatFor the business itself, live chat functionality is very cost-efficient. Because the nature of live chats depends online, it requires little space rental. Plus, a live chat agent can handle more than one inquiry at a time unlike hotline calls. Having a live chat functionality isn’t expensive to operate. Affordable live chat services are also establishing itself in the niche of small and medium enterprises. These services are tailored to meet the amount of customer communication a business deals with every day. One of the best features of having a live chat functionality is that it helps the business stand out from the crowd and gives it a modern touch. Not all business support live chat. Providing something new and exciting will make the customer stick to buying. The direct and personal interaction of the customer with the live chat agent will improve your sales.

To further maximize customer rapport and confidence, make the live chat functionality available 24 hours a day, every day. Having an irresponsive live chat function is a waste of customer’s time and effort.

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