Tips For Buying Discount Golf Clubs

Golf is one of the most popular pastimes for anyone of any age. The game not only develops one’s aim and accuracy, but it also inculcates camaraderie and sportsmanship among its players.

To be able to play golf, beginners must first be able to invest in good golf clubs, bags and other accessories – and these items may come with an expensive price tag. However, if one knows where to look, he may actually stumble upon discount golf clubs that are still of good quality.

Going cheap doesn’t always mean going having to sacrifice on the quality. In fact, there are several discount golf clubs that can perform the duties of more expensive golf clubs.

But first of all, one must know the different golf clubs, its purposes, and what materials make up the best clubs for each particular player.

Discount Golf ClubsThe most common golf club is the wood. These clubs are generally used for long distance drives. Due to its nature as a long-distance club, woods have large heads and long shafts so that it may allow the user to drive at maximum speed. The shaft of woods are often made of persimmon or laminated wood, but some manufacturers prefer materials like carbon fiber, titanium, graphite, or steel. The ideal wood head, on the other hand, is preferred to be made of a mostly-hollow steel or titanium.

Most beginners tend to confuse the driver with the wood. The driver is simply the biggest wood in a set of clubs. However, the driver must have a lighter shaft and a hollow head, allowing for a faster driving speed. Discount golf clubs are often made of lighter material, which makes it the best choice for woods.

Another common golf club are the irons. Although originally made from forged irons, iron golf clubs of today are made from steel alloys. Irons appear a flat angled face, a shorter shaft, and a more upright angle which allows the player to make compact swings. This composition makes it the club of choice for when getting out of tricky situations like hazards, and having to go through trees.

Irons often come in different numbers, which may intimidate the beginner from purchasing his first set. In buying these golf clubs, one must keep in mind that as these numbers increase, it shall correspond with increasing loft angles, shorter shafts, and heavier heads. Irons are numbered from 1 to 9, which are grouped according to the length of the shaft numbers 1 to 4 are called the long irons, numbers 5 to 7 are called the medium irons, while numbers 8 to 9 are short irons.

The third classification of golf clubs are the wedges, however, some players would consider these golf clubs as a sub-classification of the iron. Wedges have high-mass club heads and wide soles, and is best for short distances and high accuracy shots.

Hybrids are also considered as another classification of golf clubs. As its name suggests, these are hybrids between a wood and an iron. These clubs have a hollow head which is smaller than the average wood, with shaft lengths similar to irons. Hybrids are best used for swings which would require a higher launch and longer distances.

When choosing among discount golf clubs, the buyer must not only carefully scrutinize the materials, but also consider other factors like the age and the expertise of the player. Younger players often require clubs with the lighter shafts as it offers faster swings, while older players are best with slightly heavier shafts which would provide them with their needed stability.

A person with a keen eye to detail can easily determine which discount golf clubs are of the best quality.

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Points to Remember When Buying Golf Shoes

Comfort, confidence, and performance – these three aspects are perhaps the most important things one looks for when investing in their hobbies. Golfers searching for golf shoes are no exception. These need to be comfortable during play and when walking across the field, they need to be stylish enough to boost your confidence, and they need to contribute to your performance. Choosing a pair that’s just right for you can be a highly subjective task, but these three points are a constant.


Among the three points, comfort is probably the most objective aspect. It is the easiest for the manufacturers to control, and the easiest for consumers like you to gauge. Here are some things you need to consider when searching for the most comfortable shoes.


GolfBefore all else, you should ensure that the shoes are made from light and flexible materials. Shoes made from the right material can cushion your feet against the discomfort of walking around the field all day long and keep your feet dry against a misty course. A good pair is lightweight, supportive, and ideally water-resistant. Look for shoes with external moisture-wicking material.

Memory Foam

The introduction of memory foam into the market has been a game changer in the realm of comfort. The longer and more often you wear your golf shoes, the better it fits into the shape of your foot. This makes it very comfortable to wear, since you’re no longer awkwardly shifting your feet inside your shoes and looking for a good position to rest them in.

Try them out!

As with any other pair of shoes, you should walk them around and see if they’re comfortable for you. If the store has a putting green, walk over there and try out the different positions you use when playing. This way, you can see how the shoes will feel at different angles and pressures. Some shoes can improve your posture for an additional oomph – that could mean the difference between a bad play and a great one.

Supportive Insoles

Some people have difficulty finding shoes that are comfortable for them. If you’re in a similar situation, try using supportive insoles. Several sports stores even have machines that can determine which part of your foot receives the most stress. Using this data, the store can provide custom-made insoles to provide specific support to that area.

Confidence and Performance

These two aspects are quite subjective. Control over them by the manufacturer is quite minimal, while the effect on the consumer is sometimes considered psychological. Nevertheless, they go hand in hand. A confident golf player is most often also a good player.

Research has shown that even professional athletes’ performances are affected by whether or not they feel that they look awesome. So, choose a pair whose style suits your wardrobe and personality. Wearing stylish, comfortable shoes will surely increase your confidence and performance on the playing field. Investing in shoe accessories, like golf spikes, may also be a good idea in order to boost your performance for games during less-than-ideal conditions.

Even the best golf shoes can experience wear and tear from regular use. Make sure you take advantage of any warranties your supplier can offer. If your shoes break from an unexpected incident, you may get a free replacement pair!

Lastly, consider this: the most common health complaint among golfers is lower back pain. This is often due to poor posture. Getting good golf shoes will definitely help you have a straighter back and give you better support. Therefore, they lessen your pain, make you comfortable, increase your confidence, and boost your performance.

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The Importance of Quality Customer Service

Quality Customer ServiceAll businesses must be equipped with the best kind of customer service. When the customer’s needs and inquiries are met, it increases customer satisfaction which leads to potential word of mouth promotion of customers themselves and a roster of loyal customers. Quality customer service is crucial for the long-term success of a business, but it’s just one of the many aspects that a business should pay attention to. The type of experience a customer will have depends on his or her satisfaction before, during and after purchasing the product or service.

Hotline versus Live Chat for Business

BusinessBesides from having a webpage and email, a business should have both a legal business hotline and an effective live chat customer service. This would cater to all kinds of customer concerns. Customers can choose calling the customer care hotline if they have immediate concerns. A few examples are booking and cancelling tickets, credit card inquiries and complaints and technical support. Compared to a live chat, once the customer is connected to the other line, the customer service representative has to deliver quick responses with very minimal pauses. An active hotline also caters to the older generation. Additionally, hotlines are especially useful for people who do not have a stable internet connection. One disadvantage of calling a hotline however, is the waiting time when the line gets congested with callers.

Having a live chat for business is equally important as having an active hotline. Live chat is relatively new that’s why some customers still doubt its efficacy in addressing their problems. Unlike hotlines, live chat for business offers connection to customers anywhere in the world with practically no cost on the customer’s expense. Customers can feel more at ease addressing questions, complaints and problems through live chats. Because live chat is readily available in a website, customers do not have to reach for their phones or scramble through social media to connect with the business.

servicesLive chat functionality can also guide customers in their shopping experience, for example. If they have further questions on a product’s ingredients or if they have concerns not mentioned in the description page, they could easily connect to via live chat. This way, a business builds a better rapport with customers; live chat lets the customers feel that their concerns our important. The average order value for each customer has the potential to increase because they are being guided on what to buy. Furthermore, live chat for business leaves the customer with more leisure time to think about their concerns.

ChatFor the business itself, live chat functionality is very cost-efficient. Because the nature of live chats depends online, it requires little space rental. Plus, a live chat agent can handle more than one inquiry at a time unlike hotline calls. Having a live chat functionality isn’t expensive to operate. Affordable live chat services are also establishing itself in the niche of small and medium enterprises. These services are tailored to meet the amount of customer communication a business deals with every day. One of the best features of having a live chat functionality is that it helps the business stand out from the crowd and gives it a modern touch. Not all business support live chat. Providing something new and exciting will make the customer stick to buying. The direct and personal interaction of the customer with the live chat agent will improve your sales.

To further maximize customer rapport and confidence, make the live chat functionality available 24 hours a day, every day. Having an irresponsive live chat function is a waste of customer’s time and effort.

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